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Discover Bastia and region


Discover Bastia

Authentic Bastia, beween the sea and the mountains A charming, baroque and cultural city, considered a historic gem. When discovering Bastia, you will be surprised by its ageing facades marked sometimes by its past, sometimes by its colourful awnings ... a true dazzling contrast. You never get tired of looking at the drying laundry in the windows, each whiff of wind transports you to elsewhere bathed in sunshine. City of art and history, capital of the baroque, timeless, lively and contemporary, it abounds in mystery, inviting you to discover this enigmatic Bastia. Guessing its memories and its soul, piercing its secrets, another way to discover Bastia.   Terra Nova, a major tourist attraction, is home to its citadel. Enjoy the charm of its narrow, cobbled streets and the hypnotic panorama of Terra Vecchio. Stroll along the Old Port, enjoy a black coffee on the Market Square stroll along the unmistakable Place Saint-Nicolas and its bourgeois buildings, another way to discover Bastia.
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What to do in Bastia?

Numerous city tours are provided by the Tourist Office, which will allow you to better understand the identity and history of this city full of character. Take the time to stroll through the narrow and colourful streets of the old town centre. Admire the boats sailing in the distance from the citadel of Bastia. Visit the Governors' Palace which proudly stands there, its museum where temporary art exhibitions follow one another.   A perfect blend of local identity, refined restaurants and trendy bars, it is full of surprises and flavours. At lunch time, sit on a terrace at the Old Port where you can enjoy a fresh fish and discover Corsican gastronomy. Shopping trip? Heading towards Boulevard Paoli, the main artery of the city, you will encounter many shops.
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For a weekend

Explore the rue César Campinchi, rich in know-how and craftsmanship... leatherworker, art carpenter, designer of jewellery or unique pieces, designer, perfumer... Corsican artists display their talent. Chic and bohemian atmosphere for fashion lovers! What to do in Bastia after dark? A trendy evening in the Old Port with a glass of wine near the masts of the sailing boats... What to do in Bastia at the weekend? Reconnect to your inner child with its market of Corsican producers, just for a moment imagine yourself in the village and taste the flavours of the island's dishes. Conviviality guaranteed! Direction rue Napoleon, perfect for your purchases of fresh, artisanal and local products, delicatessen, cheese and biscuits...
The beaches of Bastia

Discover Cap Corse

An intrepid and singular land, overflowing with natural riches, its wild beauty is reflected in miles of rocky beaches, creeks and vineyards. Sometimes green, sometimes arid, discover the Cap Corse on the numerous hiking trails and be charmed by its sea and scrubland landscapes. Enjoy a lobster in Centuri, or a grilled fish in Maccinaggio.   Meet the winegrowers of the Cap Corse to discover the know-how of their mineral and saline wines. Taste the local products and let yourself be captivated by the generosity of its inhabitants. Unearth a hidden cove, the Cap Corse is full of them. Farniente, sunshine, light sea breeze, lush scrubland, alone facing the lapping of the waves... Its blue and green landscapeas far as the eye can see invites you to escape. Close your eyes and listen... the beauty of nature becomes meaningful