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The dinettes

Out of sight, in the heart of the Citadel, the restaurant area invites you to discover its tapas bar through a sincere cuisine at the heart of Bastia. Welcome to the quintessential Bastia art of living, free from all standards. The hotel Les Gouverneurs has a restaurant area combining confidential charm and timeless elegance.   Les Dinettes des Gouverneurs, where you share good food. The hotel Les Gouverneurs at the heart of the Citadel presents an exquisite menu of the noblest Mediterranean flavours. Local flavours reinterpreted in a very personal way, a gourmet escape to be shared, which creates the link between unadulterated convivial simplicity and the richness of a subtle cuisine.    
Travelling mixology


Revealing a plunging view of the Old Port, the Hotel Les Gouverneurs is the favourite place of the world's epicurians. Behind the curtains, destinies meet here around a travelling mixology of exceptional wines and champagnes.   The menu is balanced, favouring fresh products and 100% home-made expertise, with infusions prepared on the spot. Spirits from small distilleries, including a selection of old rums, a varied choice of whiskies and a fine range of gin. It is not uncommon to come across winemakers and artists at a vernissage or wine tasting. The hotel Les Gouverneurs has not finished to surprise you ...